Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt! This game, featuring a huge crowd of 14 players (and one moderator), was suggested by fans on my blog at blog.lostbets.com. It's based on a party game called Mafia, which you can look up on Wikipedia, but in a nutshell, here's how it works.

Four of the players were selected at random to be witches, with the rest being townspeople. The goal of the witches is to curse the townspeople. The goal of the townspeople is to lynch the witches.

It starts off at night. All the players close their eyes, then the witches open theirs. By gesturing and making eye contact, they pick a townsperson to curse. Then everyone opens their eyes, and the victim suffers the curse. Being cursed by a witch is a serious thing: first, it causes all of your clothes to fall off, and hten the vicitm must draw a curse from the Curse Jar. A curse might cause a victim to helplessly masturbate, or be groped, or be pinched, or any of several unfortunate effects.

Naturally, the townspeople are upset that one of their own has succumbed to a curse, so they pick someone to lynch. Not knowing who the witches are, they have to argue about it and pick someone by consensus, hopefully a witch but whether the person selected is a witch or not, a lynching is going to happen. Being lynched by townspeople is pretty serious business too: first, they rip all of your clothes off, and then every one of them smacks you with a paddle.

Then night falls, and the remaining witches pick a new victim to curse. Day breaks, the curse takes effect, and the townspeople pick another person to lynch. This continues until either all the witches are lynched (townspeople victory) or the remaining witches outnumber the remaining townspeople (witch victory)