Strip High Card with Salem and Fern

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This one's a bit different from the usual fare. The vast majority of the games you see here are 100% fair. The dice are not rigged, the decks are not stacked. This one is a rare exception. I thought long and hard about how to market it, before deciding that the truth was plenty hot enough.
Neither of these two young amateurs had ever seen a Sybian, much less ridden one, and when they saw it in action, both were apprehensive about being the loser and having to take that probe in the pussy. But naturally, both were a little curious, too. And the winner of that game only had her curiosity stoked higher by seeing what the machine did to the loser. Hearing the loser's cries of ecstasy got her tingling, and may have contributed to her loss. Doing that forfeit did not cause her to cool off at all.
She stopped me and begged for a chance to ride the Sybian herself. She asked to play a game that was rigged for her to lose so she could enjoy what Fern enjoyed. I hate rigging the games, but who am I to say no when an amateur girl is so turned on that she begs for the chance to ride a giant sex toy? Please enjoy the sight of Salem pretending to be disappointed as she loses, and then gets what she really wants: a freaking' lawnmower engine buzzing away between her thighs.