Ice Race with Erica, Mo, and Liilii

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Get ready for a chillling experience...

Erica, Mo, and Liilii compete in an Ice Race. All three girls are wearing only bra and panties, and they have to race down the hotel hallway to the ice machine and grab as much ice as they can carry: whatever will fit in their underwear. Then they have to run back to the room, squealing with the frigid cold, and empty their underwear into ice buckets. Then they have to repeat that, and repeat that, and repeat that, until two of the girls have filled their buckets all the way up and the third girl is the loser.

The loser has to strip off her soaked bra and panties, exposing some extremely hard nipples, and then the two winners get to dump all three buckets of ice all over her naked body. Brrr....