Strip Team Noname with Xzavier and Lance vs Kandii and Angel

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It's battle of the sexes, as Angel and Kandii put aside their differences to team up against their men, Lance and Xzavier. It's Team Noname. One player from each team face off while their partners back them up by retrieving thrown pucks.

The members of the losing team must each time ten swats with the paddles from each member of the winning team. The stakes are high enough that nobody wants to lose, and the players are extremely competitive. And let me tell you, the winners were brutal. This has to be one of the cruelest spankings I've ever filmed. I was tempted to step in and stop it. I didn't, of course, but I was tempted. When it's all over, the losers had angry red welts all over their poor asses. Alas.