Ice Race with Hollis, Katie, and Paige

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Get ready to shiver as our cute blonde, brunette, and redhead trio return for their final game together. The girls, clad only in their underwear, race down the hallway of a public hotel to the ice machine, where they have to grab as much ice as they can carry and race it back to the room, where they dump it in buckets. Then they have to do it again, and again, as their poor boobies and asses get colder and wetter. The winner is the first to fill her bucket to the top. The second- and third-place finishers have to strip off their wet undies and show their rock-hard nipples right there in the hallway. And that's not all: the girls head back into the room, where the last-place girl gets all that ice poured over her shivering naked body, while the other two rub it into her. Brrr!