Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Angela, Keenly, and Dante

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Three hot players are back for a steamy game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. Two of the players play a best-of-three match, then the loser strips while the third player steps up to take on the winner. They play until two are naked and one is the winner. And the stakes are high.

The losers become the winner's sex slaves, servicing him (or her) however he (or she) desires, and doing each other at the winner's direction. It's a tough call who I'd like to see lose. Keenly got her comeuppance in a big way in Episode 406, but she still hasn't gotten a good fucking. Dante got the same comeuppance but it still wouldn't hurt to see him and his cocky grin on the receiving end. And poor Angela's pussy is still a bit sore from the rough treatment it got in Episode 400, but she's a trooper and is prepared to give it her all, win or lose.