Strip Profanagrams with Addie, Kandii, Dakota, and Lela

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New game! Addie, Kandii, Dakota, and Lela return to play Profanagrams. Here’s how it works: each girl has a number of tiles with letters on them. Their goal is to arrange all of the letters into a complete crossword-type grid. If they find themselves getting stuck, they can call out “!” and swap one of their tiles for three new ones. (If a girl trades but forgets to call out “!” another girl can call out “No !” and force the girl to draw two more tiles.) When a girl has a complete grid, she calls out “Fuck You!” and is done. Once two girls have gone Fuck You, the round is over and the other two girls have to strip. (If either of the winning girls happens to spell a profanity in her grid, she can pick another girl to take something off as a bonus.)

This is a game that rewards smarts and quick thinking. And while I don’t have anything bad to say about the intelligence of the losers, they happen to be up against two of the smartest players we’ve got and were badly defeated. Their punishment was to sit on the couch and masturbate while the smirking winners.