Strip High Card with Tobi, Dolly, and Nettle

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We bid a fond farewell to Dolly, Nettle, and Tobi (for now, at least), as this is the last game they played that day. It had been a long day and the girls were ready for a nice, simple game of Strip High Card. There was one winner, one little loser, and one big loser. Under the theory that it is better to receive than to give, the winner gets to enjoy oral sex from the little loser. The little loser has to give oral to the winner, but gets to receive it from the big loser. The big loser has to eat out the little loser and gets nothing in return, poor girl. Its an oral centipede with the winner at the top.

The game plays out and the three very different bodies of the players are gradually revealed. Tobis bra would make a good halter for Dolly, whose modest breasts somehow look bigger when she loses her bra. Whoever draws the highest card gets to strip something off whoever gets the lowest, and if two players draw the same lowest card, the ties is broken with rock-paper-scissors. After a very close game, in which none of the ladies avoid showing some skin.
The winner is totally gleeful about winning, and after warning the little loser to be mindful of her piercing, grabs a camera to record some nice close-ups of the losers face buried in her pussy. The little loser does her best to pleasure the winner but finds it hard to concentrate as the big loser laps at her own pussy. Shes able to make the winner moan even as she starts to moan herself. She even gets her fingers into the act, driving the winner further into ecstasy, as the big loser drives her there herself. She gasps, and we can hear the unmistakable sound of tongue lapping at wet pussy.

The centipede starts oriented up-down-up as the winner sat in a chair, the little loser knelt before her, and the big loser lay on her back with her face in the little loser. The winner changes it to down-up-down. Both of the losers get really into what theyre doing, frantically licking and fingering. The winner cums hard on the losers face, and is totally blown away. Shes sweaty and unsteady on her feet, and the sheet she was lying on is soaked.