Strip Pod Stomp with Kasady and Monica

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Kasady and Monica are still kind of new at this, and still kind of shy and quiet. Well see them start to come out of their shells in future episodes, but for now, theyre nervous, especially with the forfeit. I like to put the uptight ones on the Sybian: while it can be very embarrassing for the naked loser to be driven further and further into ecstasy in front of everybody, it can also help loosen a girl up. Neither of these girls had ever experienced a Sybian before, and both were a little apprehensive.
The game is Pod Stomp, and the players are incredibly evenly-matched, with the average time difference between the two for the first few rounds was 0.85 seconds. Then the girls start to have problems, beginning with an inability to calculate 8-3, and each girl blows a few rounds. Theyre trying hard to win. but their nervous excitement works against them.
The Sybian has an almost immediate effect on the loser. Her skin flushes red as the winner gleefully works the controls, gradually increasing the intensity, making her gasp and moan. She starts thrusting her hips and bouncing up and down, making her tits ride up and down as well. In the end, the loser is flustered, but she says the words Ive heard from so many girls Ive put on the Sybian: I need to get me one of those.