Strip Freeze with Anneliese and Rose

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Were happy to introduce two new players today. First, theres Rose, who fits one of my favorite archetypes: the sexualized nerd. Shes very nerdy, and very sexual. And a hell of a lot of fun. Shes wearing a T-shirt that celebrates both Alice in Wonderland and Dr. Who. And then theres Anneliese, smoking hot blonde with barbells in her nipples. She has to show off those barbells, as Rose quickly makes her get her tits out. The game is Strip Freeze, which uses our custom game box Marvin. The players try to freeze a bouncing dot in the center, while avoiding the edges.

The forfeit involves the cock gag: a dildo that straps to the losers face, wedged in her mouth. In the past, weve used both wearing the cock gag and getting penetrated by the cock gag as forfeits, but in this case, both girls were hot and uninhibited, and both thought it would be hilarious to enjoy a dildo fucking while a hapless loser struggled to pleasure her with the cock in her teeth. So thats the way we went: loser wears the cock gag, with the screwing being a reward rather than a punishment.
The victorious winner lies on the couch, while the loser kneels on the floor in front of her, bending over to bring her mouth to the target. (This gives us a great view of the losers bare lips peeking out from behind.) The winner leans back and enjoys it while the loser pumps away for all shes worth. The winner fingers her own clit to help herself get off as the losers head bobs and the cock slides in and out of her.