Strip Panty Hoes with Lizzy, Rachel, and Tomiko

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New girl, new game. As one of the girls points out, they have small, medium, and large boobs. Small is little pixie Lizzy, while Large is black-haired pale-skinned Rachel.

Medium is new girl Tomiko, who has the distinction of being the oldest player weve ever had at (At the time of filming, anyway. Mo was born a little earlier but was younger when she played for us.) But youd never guess that to look at her. Shes taken care of herself, and shes got a face and body many younger women would envy.

The new game is Panty Hoes. Each girl has a row of water bottles stood up on the floor, each girl has a stocking with a tennis ball. (We meant to use actual pantyhose but accidentally bought thigh-highs.) At the call of go, each girl pulls her stocking over her head and tries to knock the bottles over with the tennis ball by swinging her head. Whoever knocks all of her bottles over first takes a piece of clothing from whoever knocks all of hers over last.

It worked pretty well, I think. It also made the girls bend over as they swayed, which was interesting as the tops were lost. It was also surprisingly close. Twice the girls appealed to us to judge a close finish, and slow-mo replay proves that we got it right both times.
The good thing about girls like that is that they tend to blush more. And boy, do the naked losers ever blush as the winner makes them hold five extremely revealing yoga poses for ten seconds.
The winner really enjoys the show, moving in close for a better look at the fully exposed losers. One loser, her cheeks burning and with everything on display, keeps falling over as she tries to hold a particularly difficult pose. Each time she does, the winner restarts the countdown, making her exposure last that much longer.