Strip Memory with Kasady and Bailey

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The game is Strip Memory, and I gotta say it was kind of an unusual game. From the very first turn being a match to a veritable plague of girls accidentally matching their own cards, it was a weird one. Also, the audios a bit garbled again. Also also, Johnny forgot to silence his cellphone, which went off during the game. (If youre familiar with the show Frisky Dingo, youll recognize the ringtone. If not, you should be.) But after a scant 6 minutes, its all over, with one blushing naked loser and one winner.
The loser has to sit on the floor with her back to the couch, leaning her head back so it rests on the couch and the winner can squat on her face. We get a nice view of the losers pussy lips peeking out between her legs as she gets to work. Turns out that the loser is actually pretty good at what shes going, making the winner squirm and grind her pussy into the losers face. Her buttocks and legs clench and tremble as she cums on the losers face.