Strip Frenzy with Kevin and Kimmy vs. Helena and Trace

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Couple vs. couple! Kevin and Kimmy team up to take on Trace and new girl Helena in a two-on-two Frenzy battle. The men take turns competing against each other, then the women do, while the noncompeting players cheer on their partners. When a team wins a round, the members of that team strip a garment from the losing team members of the opposite gender.
We like Helena, by the way. Shes hot and sexy, but also a lot of fun. There will be more of her.

The game only lasts about 6 minutes, leaving plenty of time for the forfeit. The male loser is bound to the Greyjoy Cross, tied hand and foot, unable to move or even turn away as hes forced to watch the winning couple use and abuse his woman however they see fit. The male winner starts playing with the losing girls pussy, while the female winner secures the male loser to the cross, slapping his dick on her way to get her share of the fun. The winners still have some of their clothes left, but strip down naked to fully enjoy the forfeit.
The winning dude gets his dick sucked by the loser while the winning girl caresses and slaps her ass. The losing dude watches helplessly as his partner chokes on cock. Then the winning girl rides the losers face, enjoying herself immensely, while the winning dude thumps her hard. The losing guy, immobile on the cross, cant help but get a bit of a semi while watching his girl giving up her charms. Its not much of one (Johnny described it as like Squidwards nose, but theres enough to show that he was getting a turned on seeing her humiliated.

They put her on her knees on the couch while the winning girl sits on the couch back with her legs wide open. The loser cries out as shes railed hard from behind, but the winning girl makes her keep eating. She moans with her face buried in the winners crotch while the winner pushes her face against her clit. Then the winning dude makes her suck his balls while he jerks off on her face. The winning girl joins in until her man sprays a huge load on the losers face, where it mingles with the winning girls juices that were already smeared all over her. The loser ends up bedraggled, cumfaced, and really pissed off at her partner.