Strip Pod Stomp with Anneliese and Rose ft. Trace

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The game is Strip Pod Stomp. The winner of each round gets to strip an article of clothing of her choice off of the loser. Footwear comes off last, so a girl whos losing may find herself hopping around wearing nothing but her socks. It turns out to be a pretty close game.
Then its time for the forfeit, and thats where Trace comes in. Turns out, hes an expert rigger. (I wonder if they taught him that in the Marine Corps.) If you dont know what a rigger is (I didnt, until not too long ago), its a person whos good at tying other people up. And thats what he proceeds to do, binding the apprehensive losers forearms to her shins, pulling her legs up and back, leaving her pussy exposed for the next stage of the fun. She starts to get excited as the winner plays with her tits as Trace does his work.

So excited, in fact, that after Trace picks her up like luggage to put her on the chair, she hardly needs lube for the next part. The winner is armed with a wand massager and a set of Ben Wa balls, and the loser is placed at her mercy. Fortunately for the loser, the winner is considerate, asking her if shes okay and complimenting her on her cute labia. After getting all four balls inside the loser, the winner starts slowly vibrating her clit before turning up the volume. This very quickly starts to have an effect on the flushed loser, who cries out with uncontrollable ecstasy. She goes nuts as the winner jiggles the balls inside her by the string and inserts a finger inside her. The balls are gradually removed, making the loser gasp, leaving her breathless before shes finally released from her bonds.