Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with AngieJo, Jennie, and Cora

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Introducing a new trio of girls. We&ve seen Jennie before.As far as I know, she&s only been naked on camera for us before, while Cora and AngieJo have never been naked on camera before. And while AngieJo has worked as an exotic dancer and has shown her nude body to strangers, Cora&s never done anything like this before and is seriously nervous about it.

It&s a short and simple introduction for the new girls, as they play best-of-three king-of-the-hill rock-paper-scissors. The winner gets to strip an article of clothing off the loser. (One winner is particularly mean, taking off a girl&s panties and exposing her pussy before she&d even lost anything up top.) It&s a snappy four-minute game.
The loser has to fully expose herself, spreading open and letting the winners look and take pictures. I should mention, by the way, that these are all real girls, not professional models, and their bodies reflect that. (I personally think their bodies are just fine, but if you like &em rail-thin, you might want to avoid this one.)

Torn blue jeans were not an official uniform for this game, but they all wore them anyway. And now that they&ve been properly introduced, it&s time to gradually raise the stakes. Stay tuned for that.