Strip Freeze with Lela, Trinity, and Monica

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Meet new girl Trinity. She&s a cute Asian gamer girl, fun, enthusiastic, and highly competitive. (She&s adorable doing her little happy-dance when she wins a round.) She squares off against Lela, veteran of about 15 other games, and Monica, who&s only been in 2 others and is still finding her stride.

The game is Strip Freeze, making use of our gadget Marvin. Press the button to stop a bouncing light, try to stop it in the green to make someone else strip, try not to stop it in the red or you&ll strip. Stop it in the blue and you&re safe for a turn and the red area grows a bit larger. So simple and straightforward, I don&t know why I&m bothering to explain it. The girls play, the clothes are lost, and after the 13-minute game.

The loser is strapped to the Greyjoy cross, tickled, and vibrated with a wand massager. Turns out the loser is extremely sensitive to both tickling and vibrating. She thrashes and flails about in her bonds as she squeals and tries to get away. As the vibrator is applied in earnest, her thighs start trembling and so does her voice as she sees the cameras watching her losing control over her body as she&s forced closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, she can&t take it anymore and cums, thrashing so hard she actually breaks free of her bonds. She&s left sweaty and breathless.

(Note: the players repeatedly refer to the wand massager as a Hitachi, which it is not. HitachiĀ® is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd., which is not affiliated with Lost Bets Productions in any way.)