Strip Greek Roulette with AngieJo, Cora, and Jennie

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The game is Greek Roulette, where you have to put aagainst your crotch and pull the trigger, hoping that it doesnt pop right next to their tender bits.

The winners get to choose and strip a piece of clothing from the losers. The girls seem to be fans of vagina, as the bottoms tend to come off first.

Last time, the ultimate loser had to fully expose her naked body to the cameras. This time the same, except not only does she have to open her legs and expose her pussy, she has to show everyone how she masturbates. The winners gather at the foot of the couch to watch the show as she nervously lies back and starts touching herself. Despite the embarrassment of having to do something so intimate in front of everybody, the winner is very clearly turned on, with the moisture of her pussy obvious. The winners giggle as they can both see and hear how wet she is. She blushes and puts her fingers inside herself as she loses herself more and more to ecstasy. She asks the winners if they want to see her finish (duh). Her fingers are covered with her own juices as she lets herself go and cums for the winners.