Strip Frenzy with Lela, Tom, and Trinity

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It's a three player contest, girl vs. girl vs. boy. We came up with this forfeit while wracking our brains for new wet-and-messy ideas, and it's a doozy: the loser is tarred and feathered. We didn't use literal hot tar and feathers (our lawyers advised very strongly against that) so thick blackstrap molasses stands in for the tar and cotton balls take the place of feathers. It worked very well, I think.

The game is Strip Frenzy, using our magic robot Marvin. The loser of each round must stand up, remove an article of clothing of the winner's choice, and twirl. To recap the rules: the players have to mash buttons as quickly as they can to push the other player out. They played king-of-the-hill style, with the defeated player stripping and the victorious player staying to face the next opponent.One player was very good at this, god-like good. They won so consistently and so quickly that the opponents demanded that they switch sides. They did. It didn't change the outcome at all. At the end, I had to let the two naked losers play a final game against each other to determine the ultimate loser because if I'd stuck with the first-naked rule, the loser would just be whoever had the bad luck to face the dominant player first. We gave them a rare I beat someone's pants off at T-shirt. Wear it with pride, winner.

After the fun 11-minute game but before the forfeit, Hippo challenged the winner to a match, certain that he could win. He got crushed. Me, I'm just glad that the code I wrote for Marvin was able to keep up with such intense high-speed button mashing.

As previously stated, the molasses and cotton did a bang-up job. The winners pour molasses right down the loser's buttcrack, and smear it all over them.They then cover the loser with cotton balls and make them say that they're a loser. That's what you get for losing. It ends in the shower, where the loser tries mightily to get clean.