Strip Shockinaw with Rachel, Lizzy, and Tomiko

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This trio is back to play a shocking game of Shockinaw. If you haven't seen it before, it's pretty simple: each player holds a handle with a button on it while the game plays a nerve-wracking sound. As soon as the sound stops, the players have to hit their buttons. If a player hits their button last (or hits their button before the sound stops), they get an electric shock. Oh, and they have to take off a piece of clothing, too. Its one of our more intense games.

I'm sure I've said this before, but Rachel is definitely my type, or at least one of my types anyway. The Semitic goddess, with jet hair, milky skin, and big, natural breasts. Yum. By the way, Rachel hates getting shocked. Too bad for her.

The apprehensive loser is strapped backwards into the Greyjoy cross, presenting her bare ass. The winners spank that bare, jiggly butt, making the loser squeal as loud slapping sounds reverberate. (One of the winners seems to really know what she's doing.) After the winners have had their fill, they walk out, leaving the loser and her red ass helpless, naked, and on display.