Strip Freeze with Aurora, Georgia, and Catalina

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Georgia, Aurora, and Catalina gather to play a game of Strip Freeze. They take turns with the game, and if a player lands on red, she loses and has to strip. If she lands on green, she gets to pick someone to strip, and tell her what she must remove. The quick game takes about five minutes.

After the loser is stripped, the spanking contest begins. Each winner gets 60 seconds to deliver bare-handed smacks to the loser's ass. (The loser knelt on the floor in front of the table. Next time we'll make her stand up and grab her ankles.) The spanks get faster and faster as the time elapses, until the winners' arms get tired.The loser was suffers her own spanking as a penalty for losing, but instead of using their bare hands, the winners break out the paddles, turning her ass a colorful pink. There's one more episode coming up where we used an infrared thermometer to judge the quality of a spanking, but after that, I think I'll use a color meter instead.