Strip Pirate Penguins with RyAnne, Ana Molly, and Belle

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The game is Pirate Penguins, and as before, the loser is the subject of a spanking contest. Before we get there, though, the pirates go on the boat, the pirates fall off the boat, the clothes come off. There's a lot of chit-chat among st the players about the penguins having had too much grog, and I think at least one booty pun. Bantering may not be the best idea during a timed game, but that's on them.

The loser bends over for the spanking contest, presenting her ass and exposing her pretty pussy between her legs. The winners spank the loser's cheeks, trying to get her ass as red and hot as possible. Again, I don't think the infrared thermometer did a good job of measuring this, but her ass sure turns red and jiggly as the winners spank away. The loser of the spanking contest is stripped of her remaining clothing and must endure a tickling by the other two. And, as it turns out, she's quite ticklish.