Strip Mogadishu with Aaron and Cora

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Amateurs. Almost as fun as quickies, and this episode has both.

Before Cora met us, she'd never been naked on camera before, never done anything remotely like this before, and now she's brought along Aaron, who also has never done anything like this before. Just a regular everyman Joe, going about his normal business, until he suddenly found himself on the set of a porn shoot. (This means, by the way, he ain't exactly Adonis, so keep that in mind.)

The play Strip Mogadishu, which is like rock-paper-scissors except with five different throws rather than three. Whoever wins a round gets to strip a garment from the loser, who then has to twirl to show off. Cora, whose winning record here is not stellar, is excited when she wins and taunts Aaron when she strips him. And it's no wonder she's excited, considering the forfeit: the loser sinks to their knees and the winner gets to enjoy oral.

The short, 6-minute game starts off as a rout, but the hapless underdog stages a comeback and makes it a close finish.