Strip Lucky Numbers with Adrienne, Desiree, and Trace

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Games like this can go one of two ways: the smart way and the dumb way. In the dumb way, the players care about fairness and keeping things even, and tend to strip whoever has the most clothes. This is nice because it means we get to see more skin, but it's absolutely dumb for the players, who want to end the game as soon as possible while they're still dressed. The smart thing to do is for two players to gang up on the third and quickly strip them bare.

These players did it the smart way, and quickly ganged up on one of the players. They stripped that player down to their underwear before anyone else takes anything off. Then what frequently happens happened: the two mean players turned on each other once their victim was significantly behind and started stripping each other. Both of them were showing privates before they finally ended it and forced their hapless victim to lose after the 7-minute game.

The loser gets strapped backward to the Greyjoy Cross, exposing their bottom to the winners, who get to paddle it and spank it until they're satisfied. The loser's ass jiggles.The loser's ass reddens as the winners keep on going, finishing with ten hard whacks with the paddles, before walking off and leaving the loser hanging there, glowing butt exposed.