Strip Frenzy with Desiree and Adrienne (ft. Trace)

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Desiree takes on Adrienne in a game of Strip Frenzy. The winner of each round gets to take a piece of clothing off the loser. At first, the competitors are evenly matched, but one thing about Frenzy is that the players tend to tire, and once a player loses her stamina and can't keep up, it's usually over. Both players try hard, but after the 7-minute game.

The loser is given to Trace to be his plaything. He starts by grabbing and playing with her big tits before fondling her pussy. (We put the winner to work by giving her a camera. She gets some nice close-ups.) Then it's time for a blowjob and some cock slapping. The loser gets fucked from behind, but manages to strip off the winner's undies while bouncing on Trace's cock. (That's a pretty big cock, and the loser has a pretty small frame, making her cry out.) The winner joins in, playing with the loser's tits. Trace finishes with a facial, covering the loser's face in thick, sticky good.