Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor with Anneliese, Cierra, Desiree, and Kasady (ft Jay)

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Four girls play Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor, while Jay acts as emcee. After his awkward explanation of the rules, the girls are a little unclear on the subject, but Jay helps them out. One of the girls blushes as she loses her clothes, and shivers in the cold. When she's naked, the other girls make her lie down and serve as the table while the other girls finish the game. This was their idea, not ours. I love it when the players come up with new ways to embarrass the losers and put them into practice on their own. It's a long game, about 19 minutes, but it's fun, entertaining, and sexy throughout.

The two ultimate losers have to put on a show and 69 each other for the amusement of the winners, Jay, and of course, us. (Jay whips out his cellphone camera, which unfortunately he forgot to start recording with a few times.) This 69-ing difficult, since the two losers have very different body types, one tiny girl and one big girl. It's tough for their mouths to reach each other's pussies. The bigger girl solves this by rocking the smaller girl back and forth so they can take turns. Even then it's not easy (the cushion they're trying to use is way too small). The bigger loser gets quite an abdominal workout straining to reach before she decides to finger the other loser, before flipping her over and fingering her some more.

It's fun. There's lots of giggling, and Jay regrets just being the emcee, not getting to participate. The usual purpose of this kind of forfeit is to embarrass or humiliate the losers by making them perform something intimate in front of an audience, but occasionally the forfeit is so hot that the losers don't really mind losing, despite the lack of privacy. This is one of those times. The winners decide to get in on the fun and get in some good gropes of a tremblong loser as she uncontrollably cries out in orgasm.