Strip High Card with Aurora, Catalina, Georgia, and Julie

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Julie is joined by new girls Catalina, Georgia, and Aurora. Each of them is special in her own way, but I have my favorites and I'm sure you will too. (One of the girls is unfortunately not very bright, plus she kinda wants to get naked for the camera. Neither is what I'm looking for in a player, but you work with what you've got.

I like to start new girls off slow and simple to avoid scaring them off, but don't worry. Things will heat up for them. This time, though, it's a simple game of Strip High Card, and the forfeit is one of my go-tos for new girls needing something soft to ease them in: explicit exercises. The loser (or, as in thos case, losers) will end up lewdly exposed as the exercises force them to open up and show everything.

The winners put the losers through their paces: running in place, leg lifts (and spreads), downward , chilld's pose, and more. They grab a camera to immortalize the event. The losers are left breathless and blushing.