Strip Darts with Raquel and Star

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Each girl throws three darts, with the lowest score losing a piece of clothing. The winner not only gets to strip the loser herself, she gets to choose what the loser takes off. I like this rule because the winners usually go straight for the breasts or pussy, leaving the other half of the body fully clothed until the target is fully exposed. This means we don't get to see much of Raquel's vintage bra before it hits the floor, but sacrifices must be made, because tits.

Raquel had better be careful, as Star is one of our winningest players. She's both tenacious and lucky, a fearsome combo. It's back-and-forth for awhile.

The loser has an extremely sensitive pussy and she reacts immediately as the winner penetrates her. This despite the fact that like most women without experience wielding a strap-on, she's not great at it. (Ladies, using a penis is hard work. I hope watching girls struggle to use a strap-on helps you appreciate this.) But after awhile, the winner starts to get the hang of it. The loser's eyes go glassy, then cross-eyed, and her face gets red as her body inevitably succumbs. Trying hard to avoid cumming on the winner's cock, the loser is unsuccessful and cries out a frustrated god damn it! as she loses control and gives in to orgasm.