Strip Body Shots with Helena vs Star (ft. Raquel)

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They start by drawing targets on Raquel's naked body, on her tits and pussy and stomach. They also draw a line on her neck, with any hits above the line resulting in an instant loss. (Safety first, right?) Despite this, the very first shot smacks Raquel in the jaw. I think in future games of this type, I'll have the target wear safety goggles. The second shot hits Raquel right in the pussy, which might be painful but isn't against the rules and scores lots of points. These are neither the only face shot nor the only vag shot this game. Raquel grunts with each hit. She starts swerving and attempting to dodge, but that's tough to do when you're restrained to the Greyjoy cross. (The players, by the way, wear high heels, which don't count as clothing. I don't think that improves their aim any.) The girls have a tough time keeping score.

Raquel and the winner get to abuse the loser with their choice of a wide selection from the toybox. While Raquel vibrates the loser, the winner selects suction cups and clamps them on the loser's nipples. She then smacks the cups with a riding cup (throwing in a few clit-smacks for good measure) until they fall off, so she puts them back on tighter. They make the loser get on her hands and knees and spank her, making her jump. They tighten the cups and crank up the vibe before penetrating the loser with a glass dildo while vibing her clit. Raquel and the winner utterly dominate as the loser can't help but get very, very wet from all the stimulation. She remains defiant in defeat, but she ends up leaking all over the place.