Earth and Fire with Catalina, Julie, and Georgia

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The players got to use wand massagers to try to force an orgasm. Catalina had never used one of those before, so this was quite the awakening for her. Marvin, the device we use to pick the game's victim, seemed to come up on one particular player more than you'd expect. (I really need to tweak the randomness of that thing.) All the vibrating gets her sopping wet, and although she struggles to resist, she can't take the onslaught.
But I said that things didn't go entirely as planned, and the problem is that the loser wasn't very ticklish. The winners try their best and completely ignore the time limit, but it still doesn't get more than a few giggles out of the loser. One of the winners even enlists her cherished stuffed to help tickle, but even that is no good. Finally, the winners give up and change tactics: as long as they've got the loser helpless, they may as well vibrate her some more. They apply the massager to her nipples, making them hard, and to her exhausted pussy. It's not long before she's forced to a second orgasm, her thighs trembling in the cross. She's left unsteady and weak in the knees, staggering as she's released from her bounds.