Strip Pod Stomp with Chanel and Trinity

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It's a game of Pod Stomp between Trinity and Chanel (or, as Trinity calls them, Fucker and Fuckee.) Trinity is still extremely high-energy and enthusiastic. Chanel asks her to tone it down. She doesn't. The winner picks what the loser takes off, and sometimes helps if the loser has difficulty removing an item.

The inexperience of the players makes this one funny. It takes five minutes for the winner to get all set up, strapped on, and lubed. She has difficulty finding the loser's pussy, and once she does, she pops out more than once. (That's right, ladies. What we do is not easy. But we do it anyway, for no other reasons than your pleasure and to propagate the species. You're welcome.) They start off in doggie-style before moving to missionary. The winner starts to get the hang of it, and when the she asks the loser how it feels, the answer is "surprisingly good." That becomes obvious as the loser starts getting into it, gasping and thrusting her hips, rubbing her own clit as the winner pounds her. I think she's a believer now. It may have been the first time for both of them, but I doubt it'll be the last for either.