Strip Foosball with Ana Molly and April (ft JD)

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Strip Foosball again! This time Ana Molly takes on two-toned April, while JD watches and adjudicates. He also gets to take the clothing off the losers, lucky guy. (He kind of botches the intro, either due to nervousness or some other reason.) The girls wear three pieces of clothing, plus socks, which have to come off last. I like using the 'socks come off last' rule 'cuz it makes it more likely that the winner will end up exposed too.
The ultimate loser gets paddled by the winner and by JD. Both girls naturally want to avoid this fate. When one of the girls's breasts are bared, she tries to use them to distract her opponent by bouncing and jiggling them.The winners then gleefully paddle the loser, getting in some good whacks, turning her pale ass a glowing red.