Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Chels and Dee

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One girl loses the first three rounds in a row and ends up fidgeting nervously in her underwear, attempting to keep herself covered. Another loss costs her her panties, red-faced as she pulls them off. Then she starts to mount a comeback, and it's the other girl's turn to blush as her tits come out. But it's too little, too late.
The winner gets to pose the loser however she wants, much to her chagrin. First, the winner orders her to drop her hands and uncover her charms, which she reluctantly does. The winner makes her go down on her hands and knees for the rear view, then sit on the couch legs wide, while she spreads open her pussy. When the winner orders her to masturbate for the camera, she flees out of the scene. That'll teach her to lose.