Strip Pie Eating Contest with Aurora, Julie, and Catalina (ft Georgia)

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There was a slight problem that prevented all four girls to play, though. These games (and others in the same room) were filmed on a road trip to Portland. Now, I love Portland girls. They're all free-spirited hippie chicks. But the downside is that hippie chicks tend to have really weird dietary restrictions. Lily, for example, can't eat anything that's ever been in contact with nitrogen. Or something like that. Georgia couldn't eat the pie (I think because it may have contained hydrogen hydroxide), so she didn't join the contest. So instead, I made her be the naked referee, and suffer the forfeit along with the loser. That ought to teach her.

The girls are handcuffed, and bend to eat their pies on the count of three. One girl can't eat the crust, but it doesn't matter because the eventual winner leans over and gobbles her crust while still finishing off her own pie. Cookie crust ends up blasting out her nose, which I didn't think was possible.

The loser is stripped for her punishment, and like I said above, Georgia has to join in. (I just hate intolerance, whether it's of a race, a creed, or lactose.) Georgia lies on her back while the loser gets on her hands and knees while the winners cover their bodies with an assortment of sticky sweets. There's melted (but still really cold) ice cream. There's whipped cream. There's butterscotch sauce. There's frozen concentrated orange juice for some reason. A loser goes cross-eyed with the cold shock of it. The goop gets in their hair, and it ends with the two naked ladies showering clean.