Strip Putz with Helena, Starli, Alicia, and Selena

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These four lovelies return to play a brand new game: Strip Putz, where the players try to putt a golf ball into a tiger's mouth with a putter that happens to have a giant cock and balls at the end of the handle... and the ultimate loser has to have sex with it. If a girl succeeds with her putz and gets the balls in the mouth, she gets to pick one of her opponents to strip.

I should say that, like lots of games we use for the first time, this one has a few kinks (and not the good kind) that need ironing out. It's a lot harder to get the ball in the mouth than it looks, and even when they do, the button to close the tiger's mouth is hard to hit. The game lasts a full 15 minutes, mostly because the girls suck at it and keep missing, and to be perfectly honest it drags on for a bit. But there's plenty of banter between the girls to keep things moving, and of course, there's the stripping. The girls eventually get the hang of it and start sinking their balls and the clothes start flying off. And once the pants are gone, the sight of the girls bent over, asses out, lining up their putts, is something to behold.

The game also takes awhile because the girls do what many girls do when given the opportunity to strip someone else: pick the girl who has the most clothes left to 'keep it even'. This is of course the worst possible strategy for winning, but since it leads to more clothes hitting the floor I ain't complaining.

The loser is sat in a chair and two winners grab her legs and spread them wide over the chair's arms. The loser starts to pay her debt and fuck herself with the putter while the winners play with her clit and boobs. This drives her closer and closer to orgasm, and thick white girl-cum oozes out of her. The whole thing ends, appropriately enough, with a polite golf clap.