Strip Ducking for Apples with Georgia, Aurora, Catalina, and Julie

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Bobbing for apples is a popular fun fall pastime, but you know what would make it even better? If whoever didn't manage to snag an apple with her teeth lost a piece of clothing.
Shocking, right?'

The water is cold and the apples are slippery. It's tough, until the girls figure out the trick: trap the apple against the side of the tub before biting it. (If you're a connoisseur of fine asses, there are some nice views from behind as the girls squat in front of the tub.) Once they get the hang of it, they start snatching the apples quickly and the clothes come off.

After about 9 minutes, the naked loser is naturally. Sheesh, that girl has a hard time winning.

I'm sorry to say that the forfeit was a bit of a disappointment. The loser was supposed to get dunked in the tub and vibrated by the winners until forced to cum in the water, but she absolutely refused to get in. Instead, she sat on the edge of the tub and was vibrated there. Spoilsport. Bad loser. Welcher . Shame.