Strip Dreidel with Nettlestein, Leilaniberg, and Goldendza(HD)

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Happy Hanukkah,everybody!
If you're not familiar with this game, it's traditionally played by Jewish youngsters around this time of year, using foil-wrapped chocolate coins called “gelt”, and a
special four-sided top called a “dreidel”. Each side of the dreidel is labeled with one of the Hebrew letters ? ,??, ?? , and ??. The players take turns spinning the dreidel, and depending on what it
lands on, they put gelt into the pot or take it out or… oh, never mind. If you want to know how to play Dreidel, ask a rabbi. Or ask Google, which is probably nearer at hand. The point is, the loser
of each round loses a piece of clothing.
Leilaniberg, Goldendza, and Nettlestein play the classic game and the clothes come off. The ultimate winner after the 15-minute game still with her panties and gets to take part in another activity Jews are known for: motion picture direction.

The two losers become her naked actresses as she gets to make her very own porno, telling them to play the parts she wants them to play and do the things she wants them to do.
The plot she came up with was that the losers are two sisters who are curious about what it's like to have sex with other girls and decide to experiment on each other.
There's oral,there's a dildo, there's a wand massager. The couch they're sitting on gets wet… but just as one sister is about to have a shattering climax at her sibling's hands, they hear their parents returning home and quickly run away before they're caught in flagrante delicto.

By the way, the finished short film directed by the winner.