Strip Skee Ball with Alisha, Helena, Starli, and Selina

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New game: Skee Ball! It's team vs. team, as Alisha and Selina take on Helena and Starli, all wearing nighties to start with but not for long. Each team gets to throw six balls (three from each teammate) and whichever team gets the higher score gets to strip a piece of clothing from the loser of their choice.

But nudity is only the beginning.The losers sit naked and spread on the couch, while each winner picks a loser to try to force to orgasm. It's a new game with new teams, each with one Skee Ball winner and one Skee Ball loser, winners vibing the other team's loser, trying to make her cum.The ultimate winners get to paddle the ultimate losers.
From the moment the vibrators touch pussy, it's clear that one girl is going to have problems. The other victim has issues too as she fights to contain herself, but the other girl is soon red-faced and shiny with sweat as she vainly struggles against the inevitable, and it isn't long before she's gasping and crying out her orgasm.

And soon her ass is as red as her face as the winners gleefully apply the paddle, to her and to her partner. The winners don't hold back.