Strip Dice with Sassy, Dylan, Kendall, and Tyler (ft Tobi)

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Tobi is also happy to get the task of stripping the girls as they lose this game of Strip Dice. The girls each roll three dice, and the lowest total score has to let Tobi take a piece of their outfit.. Since Tobi gets to choose what comes off, she goes for the tops first and it isn't long before 8 young firm tits are bared. (One of the new girls has very prominent tan lines. I've always like tan lines, since they emphasize that you're looking at skin the girl would prefer to keep covered, even at the beach.)

The losers do extremely revealing yoga poses. Since at least one of the losers will be naked on camera for the first time ever, it's quite a welcoming to make her spread everything out and reveal every millimeter of her hot body.