Barerack's Last Day with Dee and Chels

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At the end of the Barack Obama presidency, and one of these two girls will be showing an awful lot of her bare-rack in his honor. Both are blessed with impressive racks to begin with, and I feel that exposing them to as many people as possible is a public service.

Rather than a single game, the girls play an assortment of games, each for one round with the loser having to strip. (The winner gets to choose what the loser has to take off.) The games are mostly homages to the early days of, including things like Surgery and Jester.

The game continues and the clothes come off. The loser is left with just her bra.

First, the winner gets to play with and oil the losers bare tits, leaving them glistening. And the loser has to wear a much-too-small “I lost all my clothes at” T-shirt.

And then the real forfeit begins.

The loser has to go bra-less for an entire month, letting her mammoth boobs swing freely under her shirt.

And she has to shoot a short video of her bra-less self every day. During that time, she goes to work out, giving all the others at the gym an eyeful.

She goes to dinner with her mom, who undoubtedly had some questions for her. And she takes a vacation on a cruise, where I`m sure she proved entertaining to the other guests.

Time to start thinking about what to do for the next inauguration.