Earth and Fire with Chanel, Krystal, and Briella

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Forced orgasms are awesome. The look on a girl&s face while she desperately tries to contain her arousal as her sensitive bits are relentlessly stimulated, until she loses control and her body betrays her, exploding into an involuntary climax priceless. But while forcing a hapless loser to cum for the amusement of the winners and the audience is great, Ive always liked the idea of incorporating that into a game, where the loser is the one who cant resist cumming. So I came up with Earth and Fire, a game of forcing orgasms. While it worked well (with a few rule tweaks), it had a fatal flaw which could cause the game to go on forever. So we switched to Magnitude, which was similar but used a randome roll to determine who had to endure the stimulation each round. Well, with another rule tweak, we&re switching back to the name Earth and Fire. This time, Marvin (or little custom-made game box) handles picking the victim, and also the timing. When his button is pressed, Marvin picks a random player by spinning a virtual spinner, then counts down a 20-second timer for the other two players to work on her. Then he picks another player, and counts down 25 seconds. Then 30, then 35, and so on until somebody cums.

Unfortunately (and this makes me sad), Marvins LEDs were bright enough to blow out the CCDs on our cameras, so its very hard to tell what colors they are. But you can pretty much tell whats happening from the context. If the spinner stops and one girl squeals while the others start ripping off her clothes, you can be pretty sure she lost the spin.

This game ends pretty quickly. One unlucky girl has her number come up four times in a row, and shes doomed. Her pussy gets wet and she gives up and cums, 7 minutes into the video.

The loser pays for her orgasm with her ass. Shes strapped backwards into the Greyjoy cross, her helpless bare bottom presented for the winners, and thats when the bare-handed spankings begin. The losers generous buttocks jiggle with each slap, as they redden and warm. The winners take glee in spanking the loser a lot, making her yelp and causing her ass to purple a little. The winners walk off, leaving the loser strapped to the cross, wincing and shamed.