Strip Pirate Penguins with Raquel and Star

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If you ranked our players by popularity, Star would be near the top. But despite having been with us for more than two years and 8 games, shes only lost once. Shes joined by Raquel, whos not as popular, mainly because this is her first game ever. Once poeple get to know her, I think shell be quite popular herself. I like her a lot, anyway.

The game is Pirate Penguins, and the loser of each round gets to strip a piece of clothing from the loser. Neither girl is particularly good at this game. Star teases that she wants to lose: the loser has to ride the Sybian and be brought to an uncontrollable orgasm for all to see. Ordinarily this would be quite embarrassing. Sybian intensely curious to feel the machine in action herself. To her credit, she doesnt throw the game. She tries her best to win, no matter how enticing losing may seem.

Raquel, on the other hand, was less curious and more apprehensive. Shed never been on a Sybian, and I dont think shed even seen one before. She was nervous about what itd do to her and what it would make her do. Were her fears justified?The penguins and the huge invisible audience on the other side of the cameras (thats you guys) all gather around to watch the losers ride of shame.
The powerful motor in the Sybian starts to have an affect on her almost immediately, while the penguins watch in silent judgment. Her legs tremble and her nipples stiffen as she tries determinedly not to cum. (Shes worried that if she cums, shell embarrass herself even further by gushing all over the Sybian.) The winner wants the loser to get off, not get off the hook, so she cranks up the intensity. She cranks it up so high that the vibrations make the Sybian walk forward, until it pulls out its own plug.

That doesnt end the losers ordeal, though, as the winner quickly plugs the machine back in and cranks it up even higher. The loser keeps fighting but its a losing battle. Shes so out of it that she actually drools and moans as the orgasm relentlessly approaches. She trembles all over as she finally cant take it anymore and lets go, before lying back in utter exhaustion.

This one is both sexy and funny. Recommended.