Earth and Fire with April, Ana Molly, and JD

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Earth and Fire: the game where you try to force one of your opponents to cum as quickly as possible. Usually when introducing new players, I like to ramp up the complexity of the games and forfeits gradually, so they can get used before taking the truly big risks. But for this group, I whipped out this highly sexual game early.

This game has gone through a few revisions over the years, but the current one uses our homemade box Marvin. I really need to tweak Marvins code, though, since he seems to have a penchant for picking the same player over and over again. This turns into a real problem for one of the players, who finds themself repeatedly trapped and at the mercy of the fingers and tongues of the other two. They grit their teeth and try to stave off the rising orgasm, but its no use.

Obviously being the winner in a game of Earth and Fire can leave one feeling unsatisfied. We take care of that in the forfeit, where the loser has to serve the winners and give them the orgasms theyve been trying so hard to stave off. But unlike the losers orgasm, the winners get to have theirs on their terms. The losers mouth is put to good use. So is a wand massager, which makes one of the winners pop really fast.