Earth and Fire with Raquel, Helena, and Star

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Earth and Fire: the game where three girls try to force each other to cum using fingers and tongues while desperately avoiding cumming themselves. It's one of my personal favorite games, and it's being played by three of my personal favorite girls. Veteran Star is back with Raquel, who's relatively new but is quickly learning what it's like to lose. They're joined by Helena, which should at least take Raquel's chances of losing down to 1 in 3 rather than 50-50.

Or maybe not, as it turns out that Raquel is very, very sensitive, as the other two discover as soon as they get their hands on her. But she's a fighter and is eager not to lose her third game in a row, so she clenches her teeth and does her best to make Star cum instead. Star flushes pink as the other two finger her very tight pussy, but she holds off as well as she can, too. Finally, after an epic 20-minute struggle, the loser's leg starts to tremble, she goes cross-eyed, and loses herself to a huge involuntary orgasm.

The loser gets strapped to the Greyjoy cross while the winners get to play with her helpless body. She's pissed about losing and gripes while being strapped in, until the winners shut her up by cramming her panties in her mouth. The orgasm has made the loser's body tingle and jump at the slightest touch. She screams through her gag as the winners apply the vibrator to her pussy. The winners grab her by the throat and slap her tits and pussy, making her go cross-eyed again, which they notice. She screams so loudly as she's overwhelmed with intense pleasure that I was seriously worried about a visit from hotel security. Finally, she's too exhausted to stand and collapses in her bonds, hanging limply from the cross. That's where the winners leave her, sweaty and panting, as they walk away smiling.