Strip Freeze with Yesenia and Trace

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New girl Yesenia joins the roster, one of very few Indians we've got. I need to get more of them. If you have trouble remembering her name (as I did), here's a conversation you can use as a mnemonic device.

"I'm going to stick this in you."
"In me?"

The other player is Trace, who by now is a veteran. The winner of each round of this game of Strip Freeze gets to take a piece of clothing off the loser. (This is a bit of a problem when Yesenia wins. She's much shorter than Trace, which means it's difficult for her to reach to strip him. She manages.) The ultimate winner gets to dominate the loser, doing whatever they want to their naked body.

By the way, Yesenia's had a bit of a rough time on her journey through life, and in some ways it shows. But she's turned things around and is currently in school getting her Master's degree. We're all rooting for her.