Strip Profanagrams with Addie, Ashley, Kylie, Mouna, and Selah (ft. Richard and Conor)

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Here's a game we haven't used very often: Profanagrams. The way it works is that each player gets a number of tiles with letters on them, and they have to arrange them to make a crossword grid. When she's done, a player yells fuck you. If she can't make a grid, she yells and discards a tile and draws three more. The girls who finish first are safe, the others have to strip. If a player includes a profanity in her grid, she gets to pick someone else to strip as well.

The two naked losers have to take part in a blowjob race. They give head to Conor and Richard, and whoever makes her guy cum first wins. The loser gets spanked.

Despite this episode containing some of our most popular players, and also a popular forfeit, I've held off on publishing it because I didn't think it was very good. One of the girls seems to be illiterate, and I just didn't think she fit very well. But I mentioned its existence on the blog, and people have been clamoring for it, so here it is, faults and all. (Man, why did I go into pornography when I could've had such an excellent career in Sales and Marketing?) That being said, the episode isn't nearly as bad as I remembered. Certainly not perfect, but it's hardly at all.

The losers rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets to pick her guy for the BJ race. One of the winners grabs a camera, to which one of the losers says, 'Hi Mom!' The winners taunt the losers while they get on their knees and pay their debt.It takes size minutes, and the loser is has to finish off her dude before taking her spanking.