Strip Foosball with Helena and Alisha vs. Starli and Selina

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Foosball! It's a classic stripping game, as seen in the movie 100 Girls and that one series of really old videos floating around on the net. (I think the girl's name was Jillian or something.) Anyway, it's fast-paced and frantic, and I'm glad we finally got a foosball table so we could use it. In this instance, it's a team game with Helena and Alisha taking on Starli and Selena.

The girls get pretty excited. The winners of each round get to pick what clothing comes off the losers, and since all four of these girls like breasts, both teams have their tits out pretty quickly. A few wedgies happen as well.

The losers have to masturbate on the couch for us all, while the winners enjoy the show and get some extreme closeups with their cellphones. The losers request toys to help them get off, so the winners let them use wand massagers. Even with those, the losers find it hard to cum with everybody watching so the winners help out by playing with their tits. One of the losers goes all-in, frigging her pussy frantically with her hands while vibing her clit until she cums loudly and exposively.