Strip Greek Roulette with Aimee and Kimmy ft. Jay

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New girl Aimee joins the clan, with her petite stature and tiny tits. We've seen Kimmy before, but never quite like this. This time, Jay is on hand to give the loser all she can handle and then some. (By the way, Kimmy is half-Asian and half-Latina. With white Aimee and black Jay, this could be our most racially-diverse episode yet.)

The game is Greek Roulette, in which you have to point a at your crotch and pull the trigger. If it goes off, you have to strip. The game starts off a bit lopsided but tightens considerably.

The winner spanks and jiggles the loser's ass while Jay gets his kit off, before making the loser finish the job and go down on her knees. The loser blows Jay while the winner offers helpful comments. Then Jay fucks her, making her gasp, before flipping her over and taking her from behind. He's not particularly considerate about it, either... what the hell, she lost, right?

And as the loser, she has to give it all up. The winner helpfully fingers the loser's ass to get some lube in there, before Jay stretches her tender asshole with his big black cock. The winner gets wet just watching, and Jay shoots a big load on the loser's ass.