Earth and Fire with Desiree, Cierra, and Anneliese (ft. Jay)

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Earth and Fire! One of my favorite games. Three girls try to force each other to cum while trying to avoid climaxing themselves. Jay stands by to take the loser as her punishment, giving her sore, trembling pussy a good reaming. He introduces the game, although he doesn't do a great job of it, perhaps excited for the task which awaits him. And then the game begins.

All of the clothes come off quickly, as the girls try to force and orgasm with fingers and tongues. The girls really try hard not to let the orgasm happen, thinking unsexy thoughts and struggling to hold back the physical response of their bodies. They get creative, throwing in some titslapping and thighslapping. There's also a lot of bantering between the girls, which is entertaining but helps stretch out the game, as it gives the girls something to focus on besides their rising orgasms. So it takes nearly twenty minutes, but in the end, one girl loses after a mighty struggle. Her sopping pussy makes a mess on the cushions, and she's left twitching on the couch as the last throes of her forced orgasm ripple through her.

And then it's time for Jay to claim his reward. He starts off by making the loser suck his dick. The winners join in, wiggling the loser's butt, spanking her, and generally getting their fill. And who can blame them? They're two girls who've just spent the last 20 minutes getting their pussies rubbed and licked, and they're extremely horny. It's no wonder that they're anxious to tear off a little piece for themselves.

As one of the winners grabs a camera to get some good shots of the loser's pussy, Jay picks her up and she wraps her legs around him. Then he fucks her standing up, holding her and bouncing her on his cock while her tits bounce. It's an impressive display of athleticism, and it's followed by more. The loser's pussy, already wet from her orgasm, gets wetter and you can hear her drenched pussy sloshing as Jay's cock glistens with her juices. The winners pin the loser's legs over her headEither the loser is very orgasmic or the strain of holding back her orgasm exhausted her and she can't keep control of her pussy and cums over and over again, her pussy leaking. And she's apparently very good at returning the favor, as Jay blows his load all over her face and mouth and even manages to squirt some over her head to splash on her back.