You Bet Your Ass! Game 4

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And this is it: the finale of You Bet Your Ass, our kinky game show filmed before a live studio audience. The stakes have never been higher.

Its a blowjob race! Our four lovely female contestants kneel before their boyfriends and try their hardest to make them cum as quickly as possible. Whoever succeeds is the winner, and the other three girls have to take off their tops and continue. Whoever finishes second is the runner-up, and the other two girls lose their bottoms and keep going. Finally, after one of the remaining girls manages to get her man off, weve got our lose.She has to keep going, while Jason enters the picture.

Jason is a pre-op female-to-male transsexual. (At least, he was pre-op when I met him. He may have completed his transition from now.) While the loser frantically tries to bring her boyfriend off, Jason takes her from behind with his strap-on. I dont know if the loser had ever had sex with a transsexual before, but she has now.