Strip Memory with Nettle, Leilani, and Endza

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We are very happy to welcome back Nettle and Leilani. Both are girls I've gotten plenty of requests from fans to see more of, and I'm happy to oblige for both of them. Joining them to play her very first game and risk her clothing for the first time is the beautiful Endza. You might think it's morally questionable to make the poor girl risk an ass-whooping on her first time out, but the way I see it, the Endza justifies the means.

Yes, I am going to Hell for that pun. It was worth it.

That's just what's in store for the loser of this quick, 6-minute game of Strip Memory. She has to bend over -- exposing a nice view of her pussy lips from behind -- while the losers gleefully spank her ass with their bare hands. She's left with a nice pair of rosy cheeks when they're done.